XIN YI DAO YIN FA, Understanding  Emotions











Xin Yi Dao Yin Fa, the Emotions Practices, leads us to better understand the process of the emotions and the usage of their potential. The word « emotions » come from he latin « emovere » which means « going out the centre ». If the daoist vision encourages us to stay balanced and centered, we don't want either to destroy or forcefully control the emotions.


We rather want to surf on this wave of energy and be able to use it for our personal path. Modern studies show indeed how important emotions are in the learning and assimilation process ; on the other hand, the traditional vision describes them as messages from the deeper parts of ourselves.


But according to traditional Chinese Medicine,unbalanced emotions are the source of many disesase. This is why we will study the emotional process and the methods that will allow us to recognize them.

We will first train to keep them from hurting our health and balance, and even nourishing our vitality from their energetical movement.