SHEN GONG, the Mind Practices












Shen Gong, the Mind Training, is an important practice to develop attention, awareness, and learn to understand the complexity of the mind.

The mind is often compared to a monkey in the Daoist tradition.

We can't try to dominate him by force or leave him untamed ; one way or the other, he will turn against us.

We rather want to get to know him better in order to understand him.

A clear mind is the deep root of our evolution, even in the most concrete and materialistic aspects of our life, since it is the tool that allow us to grasp the world and its changes. A mind obstructed by the filters of relentless thoughts, prejudgements and habits keep us away from the reality of who we are, and of the exchanges we could get with our environment.


The Mind practices aim at making the mind attentive, and thus more available to ourselves and to the realisation of our goals.

An appeased mind leads to Joy, the source of real Happiness: the most useful part of the Shen Gong.

The foundations of this path rely on the development of various types of attention,

correspounding to the type of interaction we need with our environment.

Concentration is the ability to put our whole attention, like a laser beam, towards one object, thought or task.

Focalisation includes the centre of our attention and its close environment.

Attention, finally, is an open awareness that still needs to be nourrished by a clear intent to keep us present, and away from unconsciousness.