NEI DAN, The Internal Alchemy












Nei Dan, the Internal Alchemy, builds vitality through sitting practices. From physical stillness we will explore, through breathing practices, the nature of the vitality nourrishing each of our cells. This path usually focuses on the development of the energetical centres, or Dan Tian.

The lower Dan Tian contains the full potential of our physical health;

it is always open and available but it needs to be realised consciously in order to be expressed.

The medium Dan Tian is related to our emotions and our openness towards people and the world; it needs to be explored for us to stop being the victims of our emotions, and then to make us able to use their hidden potential.

The upper Dan Tian, finally, is the key to our mind, connecting us to the deepest, and most subtles aspects of ourselves and of our reality. It is closed by default, and needs an active and conscious work to be unleashed.

Nei Dan also teaches us to make this vitality circulate inside the body, then exchange with the energy of the world.