MONTREAL, September 7th, 2019


A few words on our next seminar program:

- Li Style Tai Ji Quan was founded by Li Jing Lin. This master combined his expertise in Daoist fencing and Tai Ji Quan to create his own style.
The most peculiar aspect of Li Jing Lin's method is the Spiral Power: the torquing motions bring the internal quality of "wrapping the Chi" and build a strong, healthy body by transforming the density and elasticity of muscles, fascias and tendons. We will experience this particular internal work with the basic 8 Forces of Tai Ji Quan.
If you wish to know more, you can read this article from my teacher Serge Augier:


- Dan Tian Gong is a set of ancient exercises to develop the power of the Lower Energetic Centre.
The Lower Dan Tian is our personal battery, the source of our vitality. In our crazy lives, our main problem is often a lack of energy. So we exercise and we can observe how dynamic we feel after any training, but also how fast these effects fade away past a few hours, if not minutes.
By working on the Lower Dan Tian we will upgrade our battery, so that it stops losing energy first, then even start to store it. And for internal alchemy purposes, storing Chi is the foundational step of personal transformation.


Price: 150CDN Early Birds Ticket, until 7th of August
             185CDN thereafter

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