The Practice

The personal practice aims for the balance of the aspects making us human beings, and the understanding of the links between them.



Wai Gong is structured around foundational exercises and traditional daoist styles like Tai Ji Quan, Xing Yi Quan, Ba Gua Zhang and Zi Ran Men. It is an important foundation on which the more subtle aspects of the practice can be built. Each practice can be focused towards fighting or health purposes.

Wai Gong  develops three essential qualities for a healthy body:

  • Rooting, our connection to the ground: it is the source of our physical mobility and stability, but also of emotional stillness.

  • Relaxation, the ability to move the body with no tension and in accordance with intent.

       A relaxed body means a relaxed mind, and improves global circulation.

  • Power, which is found by learning to link the muscles, tendons and fascias. A united body brings clarity and coherence to the mind.


The main idea of Nei Gong is to mobilize the body and organs through breathing and feeling. It is thus a more subtle approach which unveils the deep connections between Body and Breath.



Nei Dan builds vitality through sitting practices. From physical stillness we will explore, through breathing practices, the nature of the vitality nourishing each of our cells. This path usually focuses first on an abundance of energy and circulation, making us able to live closer to our full potential.




Xin Yi Dao Yin Fa leads us to better understand the process of the emotions and the usage of their potential. The word « emotion » come from he latin « emovere » which means « going out the centre ». If the daoist vision encourages us to stay balanced and centered, we don't want either to destroy or forcefully control the emotions, but rather be able to surf on them to see their hidden message.




A mind obstructed by the filters of relentless thoughts, prejudgements and habits keep us away from the perception of ourself and of the world around us.

A clear mind is the deep root of our evolution, even in the most concrete and materialistic aspects of our life, since it is the tool that allow us to grasp the world and its changes. Shen Gong leads to understanding the functioning of our own mind, while Shen Dan brings to a deep transformation of its mechanisms.

We offer live classes and online training for each of these methods, for a complete practice or specific interests. Please contact us for more details.

Before diving into the real Practice, you can have a taste of our training with my UDEMY Discovery teachings: