The ancient Daoist vision has always considered the human being as part of a whole, under the influence of Heaven and Earth.

We may be tempted, from the popular so-called rational view of the world, to look down on the esoterical terms used in the past, but the actual effects of time and space are quite easy to observe on many life forms around us. 

Modern specialties like the study of the earth's electro-magnetism, or psychological profiling may feel more reassuring, yet they remain a modern expression of our attempt to understand the relation between perception, reality and effect of the world on the human kind.

The strength of serious Daoist methods lies in the riguour and precision of their tools to grasp the very subtle yet powerful influences flowing inside and outside us. The more refined the reality we address is, the more concrete the tools and results should be, in order to avoid the dead-ends of fantasies and narrow-mindedness.

Our consulting services can be applied to any aspect of our life, from business analysis to emotional struggles. They are based on ancient methods like Ba Zi, Qi Men Dun Jia, Feng Shui or Yi Jing, which address three aspects of any situation:

  • Destiny, which is actually a vision of your personality, a profiling of the way you perceive and act in the world. It brings us closer to the genuine definition of destiny, which is not about a fixed and fatalistic reality but rather the point of contact between the innate, the acquired and the potential.

  • Knowledge of Change from Yi Jing, a book of wisdom which allows to understand the possibilities and changes change between the objective and the subjective, the outside and the inside. Depending on the social and cultural tendencies in China, the Yi Jing was depicted as a divination, strategic, moral teaching. These are just facets of its deep essence, which is an observation of the mechanisms of reality.

  • Environment observation, which sheds light on the influence of space and time on people and situations. Traditional Feng Shui is very far from the modern mashups based on colors and decorative objects: it is a study of the energetical tides flowing in space and time, allowing us to grasp the openings that could occur at a given date and place.

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